About Me

My name is Lucija and welcome to my blog!

I was born and raised in Croatia and moved to the US when I was only 12 years old. Without going into the details, here’s the rundown of that story:

Lived with my family in Miami till the age of 15, then moved back to Croatia with my mom and sister, finished high school there, then moved back to Miami to live with my dad and study at Florida International University.


So, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Communications – Public Relations and in November 2017 moved to Dallas, TX with my boyfriend to start a new life. Since then I have been struggling with finding a job that works for me and finding my passion whatever it may be. After reading and listening to a lot of content on motivation and figuring yourself out, I found my top three goals in life. Since they are really vague I had to dissect those goals into a bunch of little activities that will add into helping me achieve these goals.

Right now I am using this blog with my Instagram as a best way to represent myself. I will only post content that can bring something good into your life. Sometimes it may be as simple as cute boots to wear and other times it may be about ways to stay healthy, motivated, etc.

I hope you stick  around and follow me on Instagram (@hellolucija) where I will share photos and the link to my blog so that you can always go back to it when you need to. Of course you can also follow this blog and bookmark it to have it on hand whenever you need some of my personality to spice up your day.


Hope to see you back here soon!