Getting Your Life Organized

The new year can be a continuous success for those that see a glass half full. Those that need a reset can give up again or take advantage of this year. I found the path I want to take through research and I want to share it with you!

Getting your life organized sounds vague but I want you to apply it to any or all aspects of your life that need some cleaning. Right now I am using these tactics to work on everything I was slacking on before and it has been a great push towards actually getting things done.


Why am I doing this?

Being 23 and watching everyone I know from University (and high school) move up in their career and excel in more ways than one has been painful even though it should’ve been educational and motivational. It made me want to do nothing – just sit there, at my new apartment in Dallas, and bitch about having a job on YouTube with a cool gaming channel.  Well, I bitched about it enough (but only to myself and Jason, my boyfriend) and I still finished my content that was due. It was a hassle, having another reason (besides not knowing anyone in the city) to stay at home all day.

Want to know what happens to me when I stay at home all day? I nap, cry, can’t even look outside without feeling like I am missing something, and then I clean and get bored out of my mind until Jason comes home. Sure, I did get in the habit of cooking and working out, but has it been worth it with all the near depression I’ve been experiencing? Not at all.

One day, as the beginning of the year was approaching, I got tired of my own attitude and started looking up motivational speeches. I used to laugh at Jason for watching them, but they do give an extra push if you ever need one. I definitely needed one.

(Psst, here is my personal favorite.)

After that I stumbled upon a few other blogs and motivational speakers but nothing stood out to me like a random article on LinkedIn that talked about how to discover your passion or motivation, or something like that. I tried to find it again, but I couldn’t, yet I definitely remembered the author Zdravko Cvijetic and his incredible Ultimate Productivity Cheat Sheet . 

Once I got my hands on that, I made the first step toward getting organized: taking full advantage of the planners and notebooks I accumulated in the past few months.


How am I doing this?

This isn’t a step by step process because everything is allowed to go out of order every once in a while. For me organizing the notebooks was the biggest step ever.

In December I purchased a Day Designer from Target. It is organized through your top three tasks each day and the rest is done by the hour. This was set to be my main organizational resource where I track all of main responsibilities (especially blog post schedules, deadlines, trips, etc.). It is important to have an easy to read planner that can help you stay on track without going into each task in full detail.

Next up is my Journal One from a 12-Month Kate Spade Journal Set. Each Journal comes with 80 pages and for me is the ideal way to write down everything I learn from articles, e-books, workshops, and more.

The most important part of the setup is my “Notes” notebook that has the months and days on each page so that you can mark  each as you please, not according to the year or following a specific calendar. This has been my main organizing tool.

Each night I write down my top three tasks that I want to achieve the next day. They have to be associated with my main goals in life, but still achievable in that day.

Eventually I will write a post on how to figure all of that out, but for now let’s just be general.

So, let’s say my goal is to have a successful blog. In that case something I can achieve in a day is decide on the days I will post on the blog and also what are the first post ideas I have. This is far more achievable than saying: “Having a successful blog”. Your blog can be successful but it takes time and dedication so it is good to take it step by step.

Apart from this I also jot down all of the activities I can do to achieve my goals and minimize them to make them possible to complete every day. So far, instead of just completing the main three tasks, I end up completing up to 9! Tell me that doesn’t sound great?


Why should you do it?

My main reason is because it will help you achieve all of your goals and dreams.  Once you start taking your big goals by each step, and then taking those steps by even tinier steps, you will notice how much easier doing what you love really is!


How can you do it?

Start by finding the best technique for yourself. Maybe 3 notebooks is too much for you. Maybe you prefer typing on your laptop. Find the way that you can easily and consistently track what you do and make sure to keep the goals achievable in the short term, but beneficial in the long term.

If you still feel lost, don’t worry! I’m still lost as hell, but at least try and see how it feels. If a week passes by and you haven’t noticed a small change in your productivity or organization, don’t give up! Try something else.


For anything else you may need, I’ll be here.