Resources for Starting a Blog

Although I have written on multiple blogs prior to this one (and gave up on each one) I never knew how to get the most out of it and attract people to it. Finally, I have started gathering all the right information to get my blog up and running. These resources are useful once you already chose a blogging platform, so I hope it helps in getting past the “what now?” stage.


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Here’s what you need…

Do A LOT of research

Not be afraid of failing

Share valuable information with others


Step 1: Finding the “Right” Blogs To Follow

You need to make sure that you follow blogs that have achieved what you hope to in the long run. It will work as both inspiration and motivation towards success! I put right in quotation marks because everyone has a different idea of what is right for them. Usually these blogs end up having valuable content that they share (for free or paid) through an email list, as a course, etc. This means it’s time for…

Step 2: Getting the Most Out of the “Right” Blogs

Most successful bloggers have a product (or products) that makes the money for them. They might even spend months creating a course to make sure someone else can benefit from it. Some may be free and others paid; this is a tactic we might talk about some other time, but for now it is important that you find blogs with useful information. My favorites right now are and . The reason I go to them for content inspiration (and lessons) is because there is an abundance of helpful content . I still do not remember how I found them, but I know that they helped me get started on HelloLucija.

Step 3: Using Pinterest for Business

You may be more of an Instagram person, I am too, but right now Instagram is over saturated. Unless you buy followers and likes, you might struggle more than you think with promoting the material. Of course, if Instagram is your business then this does not apply to you. If you are trying to promote a blog, though, Pinterest will become your best friend. I do not want to drag on and explain why because Create and Go have incredible YouTube videos (as well as other content on the blog) to help you understand how your blog can benefit from Pinterest.

Step 4: What To do With All These Resources?

Watch, read, learn and make your own version of what they teach you. Whether it may be creating a blog plan or a Pinterest plan, these resources are perfect for getting started. What I like to do is learn something new every day and apply it to my blog. With this being said, I am probably about to go on Pinterest to promote my content.

Step 5: Treating Your Blog as a Job (in a way)

You need to set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. This will help you get used to posting at certain times (among other things) which helps your audience retention. If you say you will post on Tuesday, prepare the post a few days earlier to be safe. Let’s compare your blog to a normal job – you have a task that you need completed in a week. Sure, you can wait last minute and still complete it, but the quality may not be there, and if you don’t complete it your boss won’t be happy. If you keep on doing so, eventually you may get fired. Treat your blog the same way. The more organized your plan is the easier it is going to be to research, write and promote the content.


Step 6: Repeat the steps as necessary!

It’s going to be tough. Sometimes a blog that helped you religiously in the first few months may become useless. At that point find new blogs to follow! There will be days, weeks and even months when you may feel like it isn’t worth it, but what makes someone successful is pushing past that and reaching a point beyond the average. With each day you work towards it, and the more effort and time you put into it, your blog will get more and more organic traffic.


So, what are you waiting for? Find those resources now!