Ways To Connect With Nature

From the title it may seem like I have it all figured out. In reality, I am trying to find this balance myself. These next few ideas may be simple, but they do a lot to help me get back to my roots. Hope you enjoy it too!

1. Go for a walk outside.

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Such a genius idea – who would’ve ever thought of it? Well, most of time we do not appreciate what is right there in front of us. Where I used to live in Miami and where I live now in Dallas are both locations with incredible parks and places for walking around. I’m sure me and my boyfriend go for walks more than the average person, but I really want to get more consistent with it. Taking these walks has always helped me in keeping my mind clear and on the right track.

2. Have plants in your home.

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There are some plants that are not suggested in the bedroom, as well as those that may be too difficult to take care for. Opt for simple herbs (a more natural addition to your meals as well) or a plain ficus that you do not have to stress over when gone for work. Having a plant shouldn’t be a chore as much as a joy. The whole idea is to bring more serenity and balance into your home. Start with one and see how it goes. You might end up filling your home with them.

3. Meditate or do yoga.

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For a while I pressured myself to do both everyday. By doing so, I treated those relaxing minutes of my day as a chore. Unfortunately, this process you will give you nothing but more anxiety and no positive effect from either meditating or doing yoga. Try to add one or the other to your week, whenever you have time, if only to breathe in and out for a minute or two. You have no idea what a difference this can make…

4. Appreciate your stones/crystals.

Different Types Of Stones

If you do not have any, want any, or do not believe in them, then this example is not for you. I, myself, adore my crystals and take them everywhere with me. Even if I forget to bring them with me I think about them and understand that they weren’t meant to be with me in that exact moment. From re-energizing them, to understanding the meanings, the process makes the beauty of the crystal more complex and more magical. If you are looking to get into it start researching – you might end up finding your ideal crystal today!

5. Cook with more natural foods.

Carrots Tomatoes Vegetables and Other Fruits

What I mean by that is to try and use the least amount of processed foods as you can. I recently starting doing that and my body has been feeling so much better. Taking baby steps like avoiding as much takeout or making sandwiches can help your body fight inflammation. You can also use the idea from the second connection to nature – grow your own herbs. It will make you feel healthier without losing flavor in the foods you eat.


I hope at least one of these will help you in growing your connection to nature. As the digital age keep on moving forward we only seem to worry about connections to other people and things on our phones, laptops, etc. Maybe it is time to get back to things that matter more and one of them is our well being.